Anonymous 2015-01-07 04:51

Although I like floorpanner as currently being the best solution I still have some major issues I would like to see improved.
- Wall edge connection when connecting walls with different thickness, see screenshot (
- For room furniture I mostly don’t realy like the representation of the current items, and it’s a big pile to struggle through.
I would like to be able to choose between different styles, as an example i would like to point to as i have used them in the past to do floorplans in photoshop and i like their (different) styles.
Maybe even the possibilty for users to import their own items.
- windows in top view should show wether it is a single or double window.
- in regard to export, for Pro users it should be made clear what high resolution means, please specify before purchase as i can’t seem to find this anywhere.
- and last but not least it still seems odd that you cannot just draw a room without it being connected to another existing space.

Gido | Floorplanner Staff
Gido | Floorplanner Staff 2015-01-09 08:58

In 2015 we will built the Floorplanner as new from the fundaments and the wall edge outlines are already on the list.

Different styles are already being discussed but not sure if we are going to do this or not. I like your examples too.

I don’t think users will ever be possible to upload their own objects. At least not in the near future.

The topview of the windows do show wether they are single or double.

2800×2100 pixels. This will be upgraded to 4K.

Separate rooms will probably also being handled in the new version. If you want to create a separate space, just built towards it from the original building. Once finished delete the walls you don’t need anymore.

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