elevated walls disappear in 3D view

Anonymous 2015-02-11 07:18


I designed two floors: a ground floor and an upper floor, fo which I elevated all the walls, doors, windows, furniture,… to an appropriate hight.

(Don’t worry, this is not a question on how I can view both floors stacked together. I can live with separate floors as long as they appear on the appropriate levels.)

Using the 3D view in Firefox, though, doors, windows and furniture appear on the correct hight, while the walls disappear / raise with hight 0 from the elevated level (there are only black lines shown). Thus, my windows and doors are floating in the air instead of being inside of the drawn walls.

Interestingly, walls are drawn using Windows Explorer. However, as you may know, the plans shown in Firefox are visually much more pleasing and 3D views are created much faster. Thus, I’m longing for a way to see the elevated walls also using Firefox.

Is there a way?


Gido | Floorplanner Staff
Gido | Floorplanner Staff 2015-03-09 10:13

They do appear correctly in the 3D Render view. It’s a bug with the new 3D viewer we need to fix.

Anonymous 2015-03-10 07:23

Thanks for the information!!

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