Glass wall

Anonymous 2015-02-23 21:30

Why won’t my glass wall show when I switch to 3D??? Its on 2D but when I switch to 3D its a wall. A normal wall.

Anonymous 2015-02-25 12:10

Have the same issues with plain singel window on particular parts of an empty wall and with a door on a different wall different account.
Just made a drawing of an existing house of mine and the window won’t come on the place I want it in 3D mode. When I move it further along the same wall it will show.
I might have to hire my contractor again to move the window a few feet aside :)
It seems the engine is still a bit bugged, also my scrollerzoom will stop working after I switch back from 3D mode, then need to zoom using the bar on the left, which makes it less orderly to use. Going to desktop and back into my project fixes the scroller, only untill I go in and out of 3D again.
Nonetheless great program.

Anonymous 2015-02-27 18:33

I was able to get around the issue by narrowing down the thickness of the wall. I don’t know a different way if you can’t change the thickness.

Anonymous 2015-03-01 06:26

I have the same. But i have also trouble with translucent objects, in this case a fence. When i am in the 2d mode i see it, but when i switch to 3d it will dissapear. Only if i look verry good i will see it. I have also tried to change the color but that won’t help to. This won’t work with alot things.

Please fix this

Anonymous 2015-03-06 05:07

Yup, wall thickness adjustment shows my window, but if I change the complete exterior wall thickness it wont show. I need to adjust only part of the outside wall with the window. I split the outside wall at the point where a dividing inner wall was and made the part of the wall where the window should show 1cm thinner. It fixed the issue, but my wall is slightly thinner on only part of the building.

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