Great, but needs improvements

Anonymous 2015-02-27 18:30

This is a great tool for what’ out there now, and it’s very easy to use. But because of the bugs and limitations, I would not consider putting money into it. I have used it for about 7 days, and here are my comments.

  • Colors on a lot of furniture don’t change in 3D mode although works fine in 2D.
  • Sometimes windows don’t show up in 3D mode. I found a trick to reduce down the thickness of the wall to make them show.
  • Need more furniture items. A lot more… There are many duplicates too..
  • Some items don’t even show in 3D mode such as game consoles, floor lamp(one that looks like arco), wall clocks, etc.
  • Sometimes 1 or 2 items such as windows & doors just disappear. It happened to me 3 times.
    There are some other areas that I would want floorplanner to improve, but just fixing/changing these would definitely attract me to pay for the service.
    I think the best feature about floorplanner is allowing users to upload a floor plan and scale the drawing so that we can build walls, windows & doors on top of it. And of course, the interface is great. It just doesn’t look like there are enough developers working to improve the program considering it’s been out for 4 years or so. Are you planning on a major patch to accommodate any of these changes any time soon?
Gido | Floorplanner Staff
Gido | Floorplanner Staff 2015-03-16 11:42

Thanks for the feedback. This 3D viewer is new and still has a lot of bugs we need to fix. It is significantly an improvement of the old one, even with the bugs, so we decided to leave it there. The problems you address are already known to us and we will fix them. We are also converting the current Floorplanner into a different programming language so that it will work on tablets and smartphones too. Besides that we also have the Roomstyler to offer which we spent a lot of time on:

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