Add/Create my own furniture

HONE 2009-04-07 08:10

Congrats on an amazing idea/software/website etc – easy and fun to use : )

I’m assuming its not possible to create your own 3D objects inside FP yet but is it possible to manipulate the existing 2D objects to match the dimensions and look of my own furniture? Ideally i would love to be able to create the objects in Sketchup and import them into the plan so they would also show in 3D…

Hout'crea-tor - vormgever
Hout'crea-tor - vormgever 2009-04-22 03:13

Yeap, that’s exactly what I would like to see in FP. Just like Navigram, currently FP isn’t open for external 3D model creation tools like SketchUp (Pro). You may have a look at which is quite simmilar to FP, but has the option to import directly from Googles 3D Warehouse. And just like FP it uses flash to present scenes, so asaconsumer/user/viewer, you don’t have to install Web-browser plugins, active-x controls, etc.

In my opinion FP would enhance it’s value quite significantly by developing an importer for SU and/or Collada file format.

fredBH 2009-04-27 20:45

i think it too

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