Andrew Leonard
Andrew Leonard 2009-04-08 09:42

The stairs on the ground floor lead upwards to the first floor. This is what I want. However I cannot get the stairs on the first floor to look as though they are going down to the ground floor – is this possible? If not how do you indicate stairs on the first floor going down?

Floorplanner staff
Floorplanner staff 2009-05-01 07:07

Hello Andrew,
Thanks for your post. You mean in the 3D plan or the 2D plan?

Floorplanner Team

Anonymous 2009-06-29 12:35

Hi Nico
I think I have the same problem as Andrew here. In the 3D view, I am unable to show stairs that go down from my first floor.

Kaitlyn 2009-06-29 13:45

So am I. It’s very frustrating. I’ve been trying for quite some time to find stairs that go down, but it seems like there isn’t any in the libray.

Matt C
Matt C 2009-07-07 17:52

It looks OK in the 2D view but in the 3D view it’s no good. Just to add another part to the question, I am trying to do a 3 story house and the stairs in the middle story need to go up and down in 3D mode. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Floorplanner staff
Floorplanner staff 2009-07-24 08:35

Hi all. Thanks for all these comments. We have recently added some stairs that go down in 3D. You can find the in the structural at the bottom, they’re called “Attic Stairs” It’s merely a suggestive flat image, but we hope it gives an sufficiently good impression.



btw Matt: Cool avatar :)

SaskjaBear 2011-01-18 02:23

In 2D i cant see them on the 1st floor but can on ground.

olaf 2015-01-27 12:53

i cant get up stairs tell me how please

Anonymous 2015-05-20 15:15

Hi all, i found it, it’s called " downward stairs "
There are many in the list but choose the flat image with shadow, it gave me best result. The actual 3d stair that go down has no shadow so wasn’t very good !

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