When adjusting wall length - jumps in 2 or 3 inch increments

Anonymous 2009-05-02 10:37

I have a wall on a plan, and I want to adjust its length accurately – I have clicked on the wall and hovered the mouse over the end of the wall (the end is at the moment “free hanging” – i.e. the end being adjusted is not connected to any other wall). When I click on the end of the wall and move it to adjust its length – the movement jumps in 3 or 4 inch increments – i.e. it seems to jump between 10’10" and 11’2" or 10’11" to 11’2" – I cannot seem to find a way to “adjust” the scaling so that the movements are always done in increments of 1" (I want to get the wall to be 11’ (feet) long).

Is there a way to adjust the “sensitivity” so that when moving the end of a wall it goes up or down by 1 inch at a time?

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