Missing floor plan

[deleted] 2009-05-19 21:49

When I log in I don’t see my floor plan in my dashboard. Usually there is a thumbnail of my plan but sometimes it just isn’t there. It shows that I have 1 project but even after clicking edit this project I get a blank grid. This only seems to occur on certain computers. My one laptop is fairly new with 2GB of ram, Vista and IE8 and I usually don’t have problems with that. The other PCs aren’t as powerful. Does this site have minimum hardware requirements? I realize that there is a lot going on with this site but it appears that you need a pretty powerful computer to use/view it. AWESOME site by the way, just a little buggy. 2009-05-20 09:37

Hi musekmkr, thanks you for your nice words! About your issue, it seems your project has one floor but doesn’t have any designs. Did they get lost when you tried to save? That shouldn’t happen of course!
The 2D should be able to run on every machine without a problem. The 3D however does quite a lot of calculations so it performs better on a newer machine.

musekmkr 2009-05-26 10:54

Well, I think I finally figured out what was going on. Since my last post I have been unable to access my floor plan from ANY computer. My dashboard simply did not display the thumbnail of my floor plan, which is typically how I access it, and I had no other way of getting to it. Anyhow, I remembered that I had added some information under My account (displayname, first and last name etc…) and was wondering if this was somehow contributing to the problem. So I decided to reset the information under My account and put everything back to default (cleared my displayname and first and last name). Ureka! My thumbnails returned under my dashboard and I am now able to accesss my plan from ANY computer…so far…:) I think that was having trouble mapping my plans to my account after I added the information under My account. I would think that all user information is stored in a database using a primary key, not a simple user/displayname, so I can’t see how this would have affected anything…..but it’s working.

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