Anonymous 2009-05-31 14:58

Is there a column element anywhere? I’m planning a loft, and the loft has a number of structural columns. I could just insert a very small room, I guess. 2009-06-08 09:36

You can use the square or circle elements for this. They are located at the bottom of the Construction category.

fanbike 2009-06-17 11:51

Do you mean the bottom of the Structural category in the Library menu? 2009-06-19 03:48

Yes, that’s where you can find them.

mprol 2010-06-01 13:25

Can you place these exactly? I have three major structural columns off center. How do I know that I’ve placed them exactly right? Thanks.

Anonymous 2010-09-01 18:04

Yes, this is my problem too. How to place them precisely? Is there a ruler tool that can overlay a fine ruler on the floorplan?

Anonymous 2011-01-21 20:46

Yes, I also cannot figure out how to place an item in an exact location. I’m trying to place something a certain distance from both walls in the corner of a room, but cannot figure out how to do this.

Anonymous 2011-09-28 17:49

Not much good if you can’t precisely place an element, like a column.

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