Problem with 3d

Anonymous 2009-06-13 13:48

When I load 3d the plan loads on the bottom of the screen and I cannot open it to full size as some of the plan goes off the screen when I size it to the size I need. As a result the 3d view come out real small. Not acceptable.
What do I have to do to correct this problem?
Thanks, Charlie

Floorplanner staff
Floorplanner staff 2009-06-19 06:31

Hello Charlie,

I see you have drawn 2 plans next to eachother and put objects at the far corners of your plan. This make it scale so small, I would advise to duplicate the plan twice, so you have the original and use 2 plans to view the 2 plans seperately in 3D.
After duplicating delete all items of one of both plans (sorry, you’ll have to do this element by element)
Also remove the items outside the plans. Then you’ll get a better 3D view.

Sorry there’s no easier way, but I hope it helps.

kind regards,

Floorplanner Team

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