scale and on screen rendering

Anonymous 2009-09-27 12:28

I have placed 2 items and set both of them to depth (23’)

but when I look at them side by side (TV-stand & Wardrobe), one is deeper than the other…normal ? :)

Are object on the screen really up to scale ? or only approximately ?

Anonymous 2009-09-27 12:29

PS: I love floorplanner. Really easy. One comment → the 3D center point should be controlable to we can put the center inside a room and look around.

Floorplanner staff
Floorplanner staff 2009-10-08 06:46

Hi. Objects are up to scale, but the wardrobe has opened doors which also are included in the size. So your TV-stand has the right size, scale the wardrobe visually to the same size. If you want to check the size of an object, you can also use the custom dimension lines, they are accurate in centimeters/inches
Thanks for the comment on the 3D center point. we have the issue on our wish list.

kind regards


ps: cool plan!

bpaterson2000 2009-10-25 05:04

Why is 3d translate/pan on the wishlist? i’ve programmed 3d engines for 10 years and cant work out why you dont have such a basic featue.. it makes it impossible to 3d preview a room at the edge of a floorplan.
I really dont get why you’re struggling with this it is the most basic part of 3d math.

bpaterson2000 2009-10-25 05:15

ps i love the program too but there are some serious bugs – the undo problem someone else mentioned – whole parts of the floorplan dissapear when undo is pressed.
The most common/persistant bug is any time a wall is moved/edited a magical surface appears out of nowhere and covers all your other surfaces. I have to delete this new surface every time i make change.

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