Inside Patio

Mo 2009-10-21 13:24

I want to have an open air patio within the interior of the house meaning there would be no ceilings in this space from the ground floor to the roof. However, I am afraid when I add a second floor it’s celing will cover my inside patio and thus block out the sunlight. Sorry, this is a confusing explanation. Any help would be great, I love the program!

Floorplanner staff
Floorplanner staff 2009-10-22 06:52

Hello Mo,

It’s quite clear actually :) thanks for the compliment.
About your question: have you tried it out? you will see that you can only view 1 floor at a time, so that won’t be a real problem, I think. On the 2nd floor it may indeed happen that a surface in the middle appears. You can delete this with delete or backspace after selecting it.

kind regards,


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