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Lipstick 2009-10-28 11:24

I’m Just wondering if there has been any errors in the system the past few hours ?
All the flooring(surface) of all my plans has been changed from my preferred type and colour.
Has anyone else experienced this error also? Any clue why? 2009-10-29 05:40

Hello again,

Sorry to hear this. Did this appear so when you opened a plan or while you were performing an action? We haven’t done any updates recently that could cause this, but it has happened before that when opening a plan an error occurs. We could reset you design to a earlier save but you’ll have to tell us you want this, because later changes will be lost.

kind regards,


Lipstick 2009-10-29 20:59

Hi Nico,
Many thanks for your great generosity .It had happened when I opened the plan, But it seems like it’s all back to normal.
Although many times I try to log into the account ,I keep getting a message saying :Server error 500.
perhaps you would be able to see and fix that please.
Thanks again.
Lipstick. 2009-10-30 04:13

No problem! We had a small server problem. It should be over by now. If it’s still happening, please let me know.


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