Way to display grid on interior all the time?

skyshow1 2010-01-17 21:22

Is there a way to enable display of the grid even on the interior of the design all the time? As soon as I put in a room it adds the background color to the room blocking the grid. I can delete that by bringing up the room parameters and hitting the trash can icon but it comes back as soon as I move a wall etc.. I am copying from a sketch I did on graph paper… would like to see the grid all the time everywhere as I draw. If there is not a way I would like to suggest this as an enhancement. Thanks! 2010-01-21 04:57

Thanks for the suggestion. In your case, it may be best to create an image of your sketch with a bit of transparency by making a screenshot and saving it on your computer. Then upload that one as your background image. As you can set it “on top”, with a transparency, it will allways show the gridlines as well.

hope it works


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