Surface disappearing

skyshow1 2010-01-18 08:41

I am using surfaces to create a different floor covering etc. in portions of my main rooms. Unfortunately, these surfaces can sometimes get behind the main floor surface so you cannot see them. I can delete the main floor (i-icon, then trash) and see them, but as soon as the floor is regenerated (e.g. I tweak a wall and it is re-created) the surface again goes behind the main floor covering. I tried changing the elevation of the surface to no avail. In PowerPoint there is a “bring to front” command for objects – is there any similar command in floorplanner? Or any fix to this? Thanks! 2010-01-21 04:29


You can draw surfaces manually with the 2nd icon in the construction menu, which is useful if you need a surface which isn’t enclosed by walls. Another thing about these surfaces is that they have some options under the right mouse menu, mirroring, duplicating, and as you need: sending to front and back. btw: elevation doesn’t help out here, it only has effect on the 3D elevation… something we’ll have to work on :)

skyshow1 2010-01-21 21:33

Excellent! I wasn’t aware of the options on the right mouse menu – does the trick. Thanks!

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