Move multiple walls to stretch a room

skyshow1 2010-01-21 21:55

Is there any way to move multiple walls at once? As an example, say I want to expand the width of room B below.

(EDIT…sorry, my ASCII art below is not working…looks great when I am editing this post but is a jumble when viewed online… it is supposed to be 3 rooms in succession with the middle room B being narrower than the others)

- | |

-—- -
| | | |
| A | B | C |
| | | |

Ideally I’d like to “window” select all the walls etc. from the middle and to the right of room B (including everything that makes up room C). I’d then drag them to the right, stretching the width of room B. If there happened to be objects selected along with the walls they would move too. In technical terms, the selection would select the ends of the walls (vertices), and the move would simply translate the vertices (e.g. moving entire walls if both vertices are selected but stretching the walls if only one vertex selected). Any chance you are working on such an enhancement? I had sketched a pretty complex plan and it was very tedious when we wanted to add some size to one of the middle rooms… this would be a very valuable enhancement. Thanks! 2010-01-22 04:38


Thanks for elaborate feedback! We are working on a better version of the drawing tool, and selecting multiple entities is one of the improvements we’re thinking of. But we’re not sure yet what is the best option, and technically feasible… your story helps getting things clear but whether it’ll be as you suggested we can’t say yet.

kind regards,


Anonymous 2011-06-12 10:55

I am also trying to find a select and drag feature. I have drawn all my plan too close to the edge of the grid and need to pick everything up and move it down the page a bit. Do I really have to delete it all and start again, moving walls one at a time has made a mess.

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