Mirror an entire plan

Anonymous 2010-01-21 22:31

Is it possible to mirror a plan rather than start from scratch? That is I want to flip a plan along the N-S plane. 2010-01-22 04:27

Yes you can! Click on the canvas with the right mouse button (or cmd click for apple) and select one of the mirror options.

Anonymous 2010-01-22 08:06

Thanks for super fast response, and sorry for doubling up – saw someone else had same issue…

looking forward to putting a roof on for 3d shots :) 2010-01-22 09:09

hehe, no problem

Anonymous 2010-05-27 08:50

It seems to me that objects in plan are not rotated correctly when doing for example horizontal mirroring. Shouldn’t they rotate 180 degrees by mirroring?

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