Türen werden in 3D nicht mehr angezeigt

LoftNbg 2009-01-14 05:17

Hallo, kann mir jemand weiterhelfen.

Alle Türen, die ich im 2D Plan eingebaut habe, werden plötzlich nicht mehr in der 3D Ansicht angezeigt. Auch wenn ich diese lösche und neu einbaue sind sie in der 3D Ansicht nicht sichtbar.

Floorplanner staff
Floorplanner staff 2009-01-14 05:56


Entschuldigung für mein Deutch; wir sind besser mit Englisch oder Hollandisch. Danke für ihrem Meldung, wir haben das Problem gesehen und werden es untersuchen.

guten Tag,

Floorplanner Team

LoftNbg 2009-01-15 17:38

o.k., we can also discuss it in english, no problem. the doors just disappeared while i was selecting and placing the interior. i didn’t change the walls or anything else. now even when i delete and ajust a new door it will not show up in 3d. thanks for your support!

Floorplanner staff
Floorplanner staff 2009-01-20 04:46

Hello again,
Thanks you;
It’s only the happening to the inner walls right? I saw you used single wall tool for them. The problem only seems to be happening with those. On of our programmers is currently looking into it; but if you are in a hurry, try redrawing the rooms with the room tool (first icon in the construction menu) Those walls are different because they interconnect with eachother. For some help on this, check our tips and tricks.

hope this help; I’ll keep you up to date if the problem is fixed.

kind regards

Floorplanner Team

LoftNbg 2009-01-24 08:09

Hi Nico, thank you for your help. It is only to the inner walls correct! I am not in a hurry, so please let me know, when the problem is solved. Do you have an idea how long this will take? Perhaps I will try it on the “second” floor like you said. Kind regards, Rainer

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